World Ocean Day 2024

Daniella Draper UK
Daniella Draper UK

Our Mission

Here at Daniella Draper, one of our key missions is to ensure sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. Oceans play a crucial role in the health of our planet, taking up over 70% of the Earth’s surface, making them essential to the survival of our planet.

Many of Daniella’s designs are also heavily inspired by the ocean, with core pieces including shells, starfishes and anchors. Her main source of inspiration comes from her hometown of Cleethorpes, bringing this issue even closer to our hearts.

The Beach Clean

At the start of this month, Team DD went to Cleethorpes beach to participate in a beach clean, in support of World Ocean Day.

Small activities like this can make such a great impact on our environment, making it a better, cleaner and tidier
place. Find out how you can participate in a beach clean here.

Daniella Draper UK
Daniella Draper UK

Penny's Sustainability Tips

Penny, from DD HQ, is our Sustainability expert. Here are her tips on being more sustainable:

1. Try to reduce your Carbon Footprint by following the four R’s: Reduce, Re-Use, Refuse and Recycle.

2. Some plastics that cannot be recycled at home can now be taken to your
local supermarket.

3. Try to use reusable shopping bags.

Daniella Draper UK
Daniella Draper UK

A Gift for the Future

Daniella has released the first
keepsake from her new collection ‘A Gift from the Future’ which has been designed as a tribute to some of the animals that are at risk of extinction. Named ‘Neptune’ meaning god of the sea in Roman mythology, this intricate trinket is a timeless memento that captures the majesty of the blue whale.

We are also incredibly proud to be supporting the Marine Conservation Society by donating 10% from every sale to help fund their work protecting marine wildlife.

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Daniella Draper UK
Daniella Draper UK

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