Solid jewellery

All our jewellery pieces are solid silver or gold.

100% Recycled Silver & Gold

All our jewellery is made from 100% recycled silver or gold.

Positive Luxury Certified

Awarded the prestigious Butterfly Mark

Carbon Offsetting

To date we have offset over 850 tonnes of CO2 and planted in excess of 13,000 trees.

Recyclable Packaging

Made using 100% recyclable paper and reusable pouch.

Family business & Local Suppliers

We use local suppliers where possible to help reduce the carbon footprint in our supply chain.

Ethical gem sourcing

Our diamonds are sourced from suppliers committed to the Kimberley Process and World Diamond Council System of Warranties.


We rework and up-cycle precious stones from antique & vintage pieces.

Recyclable Gift Wrapping

Our bags are made using 100% recyclable, responsibly sourced paper and our pouch is crafted from a strong cotton, so can be reused for jewellery storage. Approx 95% of our posted orders are sent in recyclable cardboard boxes or padded envelopes substantially reducing the use of plastic carry bags.

Eco Packaging

Our customers are offered an eco-packaging option at the checkout in store and on the website and the number of requests for eco packaging is steadily increasing.

Tree Planting – Carbon Offsetting

Supporting UN Sustainable Goals through offsetting

Carbon Offsetting

Since April 2020 we have offset over 850 tonnes of CO2, supporting seven different initiatives around the world and planted in excess of 13,000 trees in five different locations worldwide.

ECO Delivery Partners

We carefully chose our delivery partners because of their green credentials. All Daniella Draper UK deliveries undertaken by DPD are 100% carbon compensated. DPD aims to be the greenest delivery company on the planet and Team DD are proud to be a part of that. Royal Mail are rolling out electric vehicles and trialling technologies to reduce emissions. DHL were the first logistics company to commit to a zero emissions target.


We challenge ourselves to take a circular approach to the materials we use. We seriously consider the entire lifecycle of a piece of jewellery or packaging and encourage circularity as a vital concept for life on our changing planet.

Green Energy

As we have opened stores in new locations we have moved them to our chosen green energy suppliers, we also have solar panels fitted to the roof of our workshop, supplying power on a daily basis.

Commitment to UN Sustainability Goals

At Daniella Draper we incorporate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our overall strategy focusing on three key goals: #12 Responsible Production & Consumption, #13 Climate Action and #5 Achieve Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls.

Positive Luxury

We were very proud to achieve accreditation with Positive Luxury in October 2020 and be awarded the prestigious Butterfly Mark, a symbol of trust earned by luxury brands who have adopted sustainability as a business strategy.


As a business Daniella Draper is very grateful to the communities we work within for all their support. In an effort to give back we have supported a number of UK charities and have asked each of our stores to nominate a local charity to support.

Stone Transparency

The gems used in Daniella’s jewellery are sourced from trusted suppliers, but we are always on the lookout for suppliers who offer better transparency. Our diamonds are sourced either from suppliers committed to the Kimberley Process and World Diamond Council System of Warranties or upcycled from vintage pieces bought at auction promoting circularity.

Packaging Reduction

We are currently working with our consumer packaging suppliers to reduce the size of the DD box and move to a slimmer DD bag, which we believe will reduce the amount of consumer packaging we use by an estimated 10% -20%. We will also investigate how we can reduce the use of virgin materials in packaging throughout the supply chain.


As a business Daniella Draper already offsets carbon emissions in partnership with B-Corp company Ecology and have made a commitment to achieve net zero by 2050. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.


We will continue to support our chosen charities and work with our staff to identify other areas where specific help is needed.


Late last year we were proud to have been re-certified by Positive Luxury to retain the highly acclaimed Butterfly Mark and will keep moving forward on our sustainability journey with the excellent support and guidance they provide.

Staff Wellness

The physical and mental wellness of our staff is paramount. We encourage a culture where everybody who works for us can have the confidence to be themselves without fear of judgement or discrimination.

Suppliers Code of Conduct

It’s important to us that the suppliers we work with share our ESG values within their own business and their supply chains. To ensure this we have introduced a comprehensive Suppliers Code of Conduct that we are asking all our supplies to sign up to.

Local Suppliers

As a family business we like to support other family businesses across the UK and, wherever possible use local suppliers to help reduce the carbon emissions caused by goods and services delivered into Daniella Draper.


Whether they buy from our stores or website our customers are loyal and discerning, sharing our passion for jewellery that is made sustainably. We love that our customers take an investment approach to purchasing our jewellery as we create items that will last for generations.

— Future heirlooms to be treasured Forever