Daniella Draper Jewellery Made Responsibly
Daniella Draper, Mission Statement
Daniella Draper, Mission Statement

Sustainability Strategy &
Supply Chain Transparency

This year we’ve committed time to developing the Daniella Draper approach to sustainability at a leadership level within our business. From a dedicated market research project with customers to an internal workshop designed to provoke a more responsible outlook towards purpose of what we do, Daniella Draper is committed to doing better and we see this as an ongoing journey.

Daniella Draper has a handmade approach to local production, which is something we are very proud of. However, knowing exactly how and where our gemstones are sourced from is something we are committed to improving. As a small, family-run business, transparency is a huge challenge so stick with us as we make progress here - specifically with our supplier code of conduct.

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Daniella Draper, Steps to Sustainability
Daniella Draper, Steps to Sustainability

Carbon Footprint & Packaging

Tracking and compensating our carbon footprint is the most important step we can make towards respecting the health of our planet. We are working on a CO2 strategy which we aim to complete in 2020. This will likely include carbon offsetting.

Innovating our packaging options is an integral part of the sustainability work here at Daniella Draper. Alongside encouraging in store customers to consider whether they need additional packaging, we are also testing a more local FSC certified paper choice, as well as biodegradable packaging options for online customers.

To complement this approach, we are developing a circularity project by integrating packaging take back systems in our Daniella Draper stores.