Daniella Draper Jewellery Made Responsibly
Daniella Draper, Mission Statement
Daniella Draper, Mission Statement


We’ve always considered how we can make the most responsible product from the design stage and onwards at Daniella Draper - and for us that means making jewellery in England by collaborating with local and family-run suppliers we can trust. We embrace the use of recycled gold and Ecosilver: traceable and audited alternatives to virgin metal which prevent us from contributing to the human or environmental problems that can sometimes be associated with mining.

We source these materials in England which further lessens the environmental impact of our jewellery by minimising carbon emissions linked with material transportation. Likewise, the charms and chains integrated into all of our handmade products are responsibly sourced. It’s a definition of luxury that we stand firmly behind.

Other than the reworking of antique stones into new jewellery, gemstones cannot be recycled in the same way as metal. We source gemstones from around the world, provided only by suppliers aligned with the World Jewellery Confederation’s Responsible Sourcing Policy. That means we can be confident that the people employed in workshops and factories who process these natural wonders are treated well and fairly.

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Daniella Draper, Steps to Sustainability
Daniella Draper, Steps to Sustainability

Responsible Production
& Consumption

At Daniella Draper, we set out to carefully create future heirlooms by designing beautiful pieces that will stand the test of time. We are proud that our customers take an investment approach to purchasing our jewellery, as we create items that will exist for generations to come while steering clear of any kind of overproduction. We challenge ourselves to take a circular approach to the materials we use. As well as embracing recycled metals in our products, we regularly rework and upcycle antique, vintage pieces to enable true longevity: for a more respectful approach to the finite natural resources that go into jewellery production worldwide.

Supporting awareness around overconsumption is something we do in store by respectfully checking with our customers first if jewellery packaging is something they need. We track and measure this to better understand how our customers are working with us to minimise our environmental impact together.

Supporting the Daniella Draper community with clever care instructions to sustain the long life of each piece of jewellery is something we’re also very passionate about.

Daniella Draper, Steps to Sustainability
Daniella Draper, Steps to Sustainability

Shops, Retail & Marketing

We use reclaimed and repurposed furniture wherever possible in our stores and have switched to clean energy suppliers in all of our Daniella Draper retail destinations.

From our environmentally accredited Daniella Draper gift cards to FSC* certified brochures and 100% recycled paper care cards that goes out with every piece, we’re considering the smaller details.

*FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, which means that wood used to make FSC certified paper comes from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources.