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Daniella Draper, Mission Statement
Daniella Draper, Mission Statement

Climate Action

We’re taking action to protect our planet against global warming. Small steps can make a big difference - so we’ve started a transition away from carbon-emitting fossil fuels by switching energy providers to one that relies on clean energy sources, such as wind and solar.

Our focus on local production and supplier partners means that our transport emissions are low, further supporting the businesses commitment to the planet.

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Daniella Draper, Steps to Sustainability
Daniella Draper, Steps to Sustainability

Circularity & Sustainable Goals

Taking a circular approach to what we make means seriously considering the entire lifecycle of a piece of jewellery or a packaging product. We take responsibility for our jewellery even after it has been sold, and we are committed to educating our community and ourselves on circularity as a vital future concept for life on a changing planet.

Earth’s resources will not last forever. We have a deep appreciation for this at Daniella Draper since we’re lucky enough to handle precious natural materials every day.

At Daniella Draper, we incorporate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our overall strategy focusing on 2 key goals: #12 Responsible Production and Consumption and #13 Climate Action.