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In October 2022, the Daniella Draper team put out a casting call for DD customers to tell the story of their Signature Bangle.

We were overwhelmed with the response and after reading so many lovely, personal stories, Team DD chose 16 customers to feature in our 2022 Christmas film based on the bestselling Signature Bangle. It was both emotional & inspiring! Thank you to everyone that made this such a special video & thank you for sharing your story with us.

The Signature Bangle is an original design created by Daniella during her first year studies at London’s Central Saint Martins and is now a DD bestseller almost 16 years later.

Daniella says “the Signature Bangle started as a gift I decided to make for a friend at uni, which she loved. From there I started making the bangles more and more and they evolved into what they are today. The Signature Bangle makes for a wonderful, personalised gift, something that can be stacked and worn every single day.”

Each customer who kindly featured in our film tells the story of their Signature Bangle, detailing what’s stamped on it, who bought it, and what it means to them.
Discover each story here…


"Action is eloquence”

Claire is chairwoman and founder of Bristol-based creative collective the Istoria Group. A true DD collector, Claire has numerous Signature Bangles & two of Daniella’s first ever Cinderella pieces. Claire champions DD for its quality & sustainability work.


“Always my husband, forever my friend”

An anniversary gift from his wife Marie, Paul wears his bangle every single day. Being a personal trainer, Paul likes jewellery that will endure his everyday work outs, from weight training to open water swimming.

Sarah & Xavier

“Infinite potential made real”

The bangle is something Sarah gifted to all her family members as a reminder that anything is possible. A sentimental connection between them no matter how near or far.


“Long after tonight is all over”

Hand stamped with a northern soul song by Jimmy Radcliffe that Jeff and his wife danced to on their wedding night. A romantic reminder that their love will remain long after the night is over.


“Say you love me, you know I do”

Lyrics from Phantom of the Opera’s All I Ask Of You, a song which Kennedy used to sing regularly on karaoke with her Grandad. She would sing “you love me…” in which he would follow with “you know I do!”.


“Always in my heart” with my son’s name stamped on the inside.

Evelyn’s son died two years ago, leaving some money behind for the family. Each family member chose to spend the money on a piece of jewellery to remember him by. Keeping his name with her every day.

Louis & James

“If you believe, you will achieve”

James & Louis are brothers that are currently embarking on a cricket journey. Soon to be moving to Australia, the bangle is a reminder from their mum that if they believe, their dreams will come true.


“Head up, heart strong”

Sophie describes her bangle as a little cheerleader up her sleeve, giving her the confidence to remain strong and to keep going. It’s a lyric from a Ben Howard song she loves & always listens to before every big decision.


"Family, where life begins & love never ends”

Michelle bought herself the Signature Bangle to remember her late brother. She chose the quote to symbolise the never-ending love she has for her brother & family. A close reminder that family is everything.


"He has my heart, I have his voice”

Hayley’s bangle symbolises the journey she has been on with her son who is autistic & non-verbal. She describes her bangle as a reminder of where they’ve been and where they are today with her son’s communication.

Lindsey & Jessica

“Even on the greyest of days, I will still make you smile”

Lindsey & Jessica bought their bangles as a 1st wedding anniversary present to one another. As the tradition for a first wedding anniversary gift is paper, they decided to take their vow books into DD & have parts of their vows hand stamped onto the Signature Bangle.

Bev & Ivor

“I loved you then, I love you still, I always have, I always will”

Bev gifted Ivor this bangle as reminder of how much she loves him. They have also gifted each one of their children a Signature Bangle at certain stages of their lives.


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