Sophie Hellyer, Model / Farmer

Second Star To The Right and Straight On 'Til Morning

Sophie Hellyer

27 years, Surfer/ Model/ Farmer

English beauty who knows how to live her life stress free, living for the moment. She was a british surf champion giving her the chance to travel the globe, see the world and surf all oceans. No afraid to do what makes her happy and to follow her dreams.

What’s your signature ?

“Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning.”

Why ?

They are Peter Pans directions to Neverland…

What’s your latest project ?

I live on the road so I always have different things on the go. I’m moving over to Ireland soon to live and work on an organic veg farm and surf some cold quiet waves.

Best experience ?

This summer in the Maldives. Living on a boat I realised I am in love with the limitless horizons, I think I may be a sailor not a mermaid after all.

Number one on bucket list ?

To love and laugh everyday.

Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning

Who is the most inspiring person you’ve met ?

My love, Matthew Smith, inspires me so much on a daily basis that I am going to marry the man.

Sport ?

Surfing, but happy to be doing anything in the ocean. Swimming, body surfing, riding different types of boards.

Hometown ?

North Devon, England.

Sophie Hellyer

Fear ?

The world getting worse than it already is.

Most played song ?

Poor Mans Son – Kris Drever

Hero ?

My big sister Laura, who surfs better than almost every girl I know.

What’s the scariest thing you have done ?

I have been in some surf that’s really scared me, but I am pretty good at knowing my limits now. The most scared I have ever been was after inhaling some dirty seawater, and being hospitalised for over a month, losing 20% of my left lung.

Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning


Twitter: @sophiehellyer
Instagram: sophiehellyer

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