Nick Valentine, Ski Instructor

Fear is the thief of dreams

Nick Valentine

25 years, Mountaineer/ Ski Instructor

The naked daredevil who is not afraid of heights. Nick does not live an ordinary life, when he’s not skiing in the swiss alps or rock climbing you will find him ski mountaineering in deadly conditions somewhere in central Asia. He does not let fear run his life.

Whats your signature?

“Fear is the thief of dreams”.


I feel that too many people are stuck leading lives that they don’t enjoy, because they’re too scared to make a change. I try, although don’t always manage, to live a life that isn’t governed by fear whether that be fear of danger, failure or the unexpected.

Nick Valentine

What’s your latest project?

Ski mountaineering in Kyrgyzstan. Climbed 4 mountains over 7000m in Central Asia
and was a member of the first British team to descend Peak Lenin on skis.

Best Experience?

Doing my first naked back flip on skis at the Stags Den.

Number one on bucket list?

Learning to BASE jump.

Nick Valentine

Most inspiring person you’ve met?

Tim Emmett (professional climber/BASE jumper from the UK).


Ski Mountaineer.


Cheltenham/Verbier (Switzerland).


Rats (after bad experiences with cat-sized rats growing up in Tanzania).

Most played song?

Still, JJ.

Nick Valentine


Steve Backshall from CBBC’s Deadly 60 (what a guy!).

Scariest thing I’ve ever done?

Had to rescue a friend with a serious head injury after he was hit by a falling rock at 6000m Peak Pobeda (Kyrgyzstan).

Nick Valentine


Twitter: @nvalentine760   
Instagram: nvalentine760   

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