Michael Burton, Inspirational Speaker

Champion in the face of adversity

Michael Burton

Inspirational speaker, age 30.

Michael thought there was no way out, he was heading down the worng road surrounded by negative influences. Instead of carrying on with no future and no dreams, Michael chose not only to change his own life, but the lives of others too. He is now an inspiration to our community (Grimsby/ Cleethorpes), starting a charity and organisation to help young and old people get there lives back on track through positive practical activities, encouragement and support. We are proud to have him on our inspire page and to have the chance to work with him and his organisation.

What’s your signature?

Champion in the face of adversity


Throughout my life I have had to overcome many family, social and educational barriers to get where I am today. I am now a proud Teacher, National Award winner, Community Organisation founder and most of all a father to be. Adversity challenges all of us on a daily basis and if we use this adversity as fuel to succeed rather than an excuse to give in, you can achieve amazing things. I honestly believe this wholeheartedly.


Teacher/ Inspirational Speaker & Community Organisation Leader

Michael Burton

What’s your latest project?

Working with our local North East Lincolnshire Council to help support their Alternative Educational program’s aiming at getting young people back into Main Stream Education, achieving vital qualifications or gaining progression to College or Further Education.

Proudest achievement?

Winning the National Diversity Award for Positive Role Model for the category of Age for the work I have done over the years with the young people of North East Lincolnshire both through my role at the Grimsby Institute and the work I have done in the community.

Number one on bucket list?

Attend a Rugby British Lions Tour of New Zealand.

Michael Burton

Who is the most inspiring person you’ve met?

My Grandmother (Nanna), no matter what life threw at her she was always positive and wanted to look after her loved ones in anyway she possibly could. A true inspiration for me to never let Adversity get in the way of what’s important to you in life.





How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? why?

I would have to say 40 :), because people say life begins at 40 and I feel like I am just starting a great chapter of my life, I am soon to be a dad, Our Charity “Supporting Local champions” is growing day by day and I have the most amazing fiancé and family supporting me everyday. Marie Guyett (fiancé) , Mary Gibbons, Victoria Scott and Chris Scott.


Losing the ones I love.

Best experience?

Finding out that I am going to be a father of a baby boy! This truly has completed my life so far and has topped of the most amazing journey to date! (excited).

Michael Burton

Most played song?

Fame of Juliet - Reality.


Everyone who does something for someone else with no direct reward. (Being Inspired makes you feel great, but Inspiring others makes you feel AMAZING!!)

What’s the scariest thing you have done?

Asking my fiancés father for her hand in marriage and asking her to marry me at the Pipe & Glass in Beverly in front of a full restaurant. (Very Scary I am sure many men would agree :)

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Instagram: inspiretcimikeburton
Site: www.inspiretci.co.uk

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