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Happy Birthday Holly!

Holly's Favourites

In honour of Holly’s birthday, the Creative Director reveals some of her favourite jewellery pieces to date. From classic silver originals, to bespoke designs made just for her, Holly’s go-tos can be worn for every occasion.

Believe Bangle

The Gold Believe Bangle is one of Holly’s most recent favourites. Created in 2019 to mark 10 years of Daniella Draper, the bangle is a limited-edition release, hand stamped with the quote “she believed she could so she did”. Holly’s says “I love the quote so much; it reminds me of far my sister has come and what she has achieved. I find it really inspiring”.

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The Silver Maxi Cupid Hoops are part of Holly’s absolute go to’s, she believes everyone should own a pair. After Daniella released the Cupid Hoops, Holly made the decision to take herself to the piercing studio, at the age of 26 and get her ears pierced just so she could wear them.

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Silver Maxi Cupid Hoops

St Christopher Necklace

Given to Holly before she embarked on a motorbike journey around Europe, the Gold St Christopher Necklace is a piece she always treasures. One of the 14 auxiliary saints, St Christopher is known as the patron saint of travellers and his symbol represents courage and strength, whilst protecting you on your travels.

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The Silver Luxury Signature Bangle was Holly’s first ever piece of DD jewellery, given to her whilst still at school. It was hand stamped by her older sister Daniella with “fear is the thief of dreams.” The Creative Director says “the quote was once said to me by a friend and it is something I’ve never forgotten so Daniella chose it for my bangle. It’s a constant reminder to live my dreams”.

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Silver Luxury Signature Bangle

Jupiter Ring

Made specifically for Holly, the Jupiter Ring was originally a bespoke gift from her sister. It was designed with Holly in mind, with a chunky style shape and hand engraved with “Be Brave, Be Kind”, one of her favourite sayings. The ring was eventually introduced into Daniella’s core collection after many customers complimented Holly’s and asked for their own.

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Lastly, the Gold Trio Diamond Necklace is one of Holly’s everyday favourites, it’s something she never takes off. Made using 100% recycled gold and 3 beautiful diamonds, it’s certainly a special piece. Holly notes “My mum, sister and I all have these necklaces and wear them every single day. It layers great with all my other jewellery, but is as equally wearable when worn alone”.

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Gold Trio Diamond Necklace

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