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Happy Birthday Daniella!

Daniella’s Favourites

In honour of Daniella’s birthday, the designer reveals her favourite pieces to date. The list includes her very first design, the Luxury Signature Bangle, as well as new releases & one-off pieces from her Cinderella collection. Each one of Daniella's faves can be worn for effortless everyday style, or equally to elevate an outfit for a special occasion.

The Luxury Signature Bangle

The Luxury Signature Bangle was one of Daniella’s very first designs, which she created over 10 years ago whilst studying Jewellery Design at Central St Martins. What began as a personalised gift for a friend at uni, is now one of her bestselling designs. Daniella says “I wear mine every single day, it is personalised with “a ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for”. I need to remind myself of this quote sometimes when I get a little stuck in my comfort zone.”

The Aurora ring is part of Daniella’s Cinderella Collection and is a one-off, unique piece. Made using 18ct yellow gold and a rare Paraiba Tourmaline, this is one of her most favoured designs. Daniella says when she saw the stone for the first time she “had to have it as the colour was so striking and the stone so rare”. Originally inspired by ancient jewellery, this ring goes back to Daniella’s roots.

The Aurora Cinderella Ring

Luxury Diamond Cupid Hoops

Daniella describes the Luxury Diamond Cupid Hoops as “classic”, stating “they go with absolutely everything”. The designer wears both the mini and maxi sizes, switching it up depending on her outfit.

A fairly recent addition to Daniella’s collection, the Loose Alphabet Necklace quickly became one of her staples. Daniella wears hers with loose “ROC” charms, as well as a mini diamond pendant, to spell out the name of her son – Rocco. A special name to always keep close to her heart.

Loose Alphabet Necklace

Tiny Peace Ear Charm

The Tiny Peace Ear Charm is part of Daniella’s newest Ear Charm collection, which comprises of tiny & little stud earrings. The designer reveals her personal faves have to be the tiny peace charms, as they just look so good when worn. Although, the anchor charms are a close second!

Lastly, the Personalised Midnight Moon is one of Daniella’s all-time favourite pieces, in fact she is rarely seen without it. Daniella says “the necklace is so tactile; Rocco always loves to play with it whenever I am holding him”. Hand engraved with her name, and set with a sparkly diamond, the Midnight Moon is certainly a very special piece.

Personalised Midnight Moon

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