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Christopher Jackson

Chris Jackson / 36 years / Getty Images Royal Photographer

From private shoots with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to covering some of the world’s biggest news stories, Chris has photographed a diverse range of subjects and events during his time as a photographer. He has covered events such as drought in the Horn of Africa, the Inauguration of Pope Benedict XVI , Venice Film Festival, charity climbs to the top of Kilimanjaro and Inca trail, Royal weddings, births, christenings and every major royal tour with the British Royal family over the last decade. What an honour! Thank you for capturing these beautiful moments and sharing them with us and the rest of the world.




It means ‘Always Forward’ in Swahili. I taught in Kenya when I was younger and have been back a few times for work, I always loved trying to speak the language (badly!) and wanted something to remind me everyday to keep pushing.

Latest Project

Running photography lessons for disadvantaged children in Lesotho with Prince Harry’s charity, Sentebale. Having visited Lesotho numerous times over the last 10 years I was keen to use photography, not just as a tool to document, but to benefit the children in a more direct way, as the visual language is universal. I have worked with Fuji in the past and they were kind enough to donate these incredible brightly coloured Instax cameras for the children to use. The look on the kid’s faces as the images developed on the film was something I will never forget.


Bucket List


Theme Tune

‘Down South’ Jeremy Loops. I’ve just come back from South Africa and have been listening to the Cape Town artist Jeremy Loops, we even dropped in on his home town of Kommetjie.


I try and run wherever I am in the world, when you have a busy schedule it’s the only way to maintain an element of sanity!

Most inspiring person you have met so far?

The Queen - her devotion to duty and the aura that surrounds her are incredible.


Three pieces of advice to my younger self

- It’s all about the ideas. - Always say yes. - Don’t waste time.


Brecon, Wales


Fav City

Can I have four?! Capetown, New York, Hong Kong and London of course!

Best Experience?

I’ve been fortunate enough to Climb Kilimanjaro twice, two of the most challenging experiences of my life, working all the way to the summit. The first time was the Red Nose day challenge with Comic Relief with Cheryl Cole, Chris Moyles etc, the second with Martina Navratilova for Laureus was in horrendous snow and rain, not all of my equipment survived! So definitely the best and the worst experience. Travel is a real privilege with my job and I am lucky enough to been all over the world with the royal family from the Galapagos to Indonesia, Brunei, the Arctic Circle, Canada, Mexico, Belize, Japan, Solomon Islands, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, China, Papua New Guinea and many more, Pakistan blew me away – stunning.


Growing old – life goes quickly when you travel.


David Attenborough

Scariest, bravest thing you’ve had to do.

Possibly one of the most stressful was covering the drought in Northern Kenya a few years ago on the Somali border. I had to hire armed guards who kept falling asleep in the back of the landcruiser - Pretty useless! Although they did diffuse a potentially inflammatory situation with a tribal chief who was beyond despair that his village hadn’t received water for so long. Despite flying more than most people I know over recent years oddly I seem to have grown less confident! Possibly due to a particularly traumatic flight on a very small plane in a storm in Papua New Guinea a few years ago!!



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