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Our Rewards Club

Join our rewards club by creating an account in your My DD area, to earn DD Rewards and savings off your next order! Please note you must create an account prior to placing your order to redeem your DD rewards.

DD rewards will be added to your rewards balance after you place any orders whilst logged into your customer account. Every time you make a purchase you will earn DD rewards based on the price of the products purchased. Every 10 UK Pounds you spend will earn you 1 DD reward. DD Rewards cannot be earned when buying or spending Gift Cards or from redeeming previously earned DD rewards.

You can use the DD rewards in your rewards balance as discount on your future purchases either in any of our stores or online. Please note that redeeming the points to cash is not allowed. Each DD reward can be redeemed for fifty pence in UK pounds. Calculations may differ for international orders based on currency conversion rates at the date of purchase or the date when the rewards are being redeemed. DD Rewards will not be earned from extra charges such as shipping, international taxes or customs charges.

The maximum number of DD rewards you can earn is 1000.

Your DD Rewards will expire 365 days after the order date. You can view your purchase history to see when your DD Rewards will expire.

Your DD rewards will be active 1 day after the order date in which they were earned.

Your DD rewards earned for the refunded order will be subtracted from your rewards total.

No, your DD rewards cannot be transferred to another account.